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Following a successful stint in the DTM which saw Pascal win the title at only 20 years old, the German entered Formula 1 with more than a few tipping him to achieve great things in the sport, and there were enough signs to not necessarily confirm those beliefs but enough to say that he’s on his way.

In his opening season in Formula 1 he appeared to adapt very well and very quickly, comfortably having the early season advantage over teammate Rio Haryanto. Haryanto failed to beat Wehrlein on track in any of his 12 races behind the wheel, additionally Wehrlein picked up his first point in F1 at the Austrian Grand Prix. Yet it was his qualifying pace year-round that was even more impressive. He managed to make Q2 on six separate occasions which compared very well against rivals such as Ericsson (5), Nasr (3), Haryanto (0) and Ocon (0)

It wasn’t all plain sailing for him though, his second teammate Esteban Ocon pushed him that little bit more and ended up beating Wehrlein four times in the last five races. Also, his one point was not enough to beat Sauber and could cost Manor up to $30m, whilst it’s understood that opportunities for points are sparse in a team like Manor, beating Sauber would have been a huge statement in such a young career.

All in all Wehrlein appears to be in a strong position after an encouraging year. Being in the Mercedes system at this time sets him up very nicely and a drive for Manor next season appears likely. If Wehrlein plays his cards right he’s got a bright future as a frontrunner in the sport. (Ben wrote this review before Rosberg's shock retirement, who knows where Wehrlein could end up in 2017, a Mercedes seat would be nice wouldn't it Pascal...)

Season Rating: BH – 7/10

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Comments (3)
  • Couldn't agree more. I mean Mercedes probably want a German driver, they always had at least one, unless I forgot something. It sucks that three drivers are not going to be appearing on the grid next year.

    2 years ago
  • Absolutely, it would be a huge challenge for him to adapt and could be a little bit of a gamble for Mercedes but if it works they could be reaping the rewards for years to come.

    2 years ago


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