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Best Moments of the Year

Well, if you look at the championship standings after race 1 it doesn't look too bad for Kvyat as his 2 points were beating Ocon, Hulkenberg and Daniel Ricciardo. Unfortunately this was about as good as it got.

Worst Moments of the Year

Feel free to just insert '2017' into this section. If you were to pick out particular moments, you might go for his clumsiness at the Red Bull Ring and Silverstone where he caused Alonso and Sainz to retire respectively. Being announced by Michael Buffer as The Torpedo can't have been lovely either.

Target for Next Year

In all likelihood he won't be in F1, but finding a seat in a series where he can live up to his promise would be a success.


It seems crazy that just two years ago, Kvyat managed to defeat teammate Daniel Ricciardo across a full season. Now he's been booted out of the Red Bull Racing Programme altogether. Kvyat just couldn't get anything going all season. Whilst teammate Sainz was able to secure points at the majority of races, Kvyat was lagging behind and contributed just 5 points until he was replaced.

It's a massive shame how Kyvat's downfall has reached its endpoint because it's not as if Kvyat is completely talentless, the man has skill but the way F1 works doesn't allow for consistently poor performances. Teams need results and if they don't get those results, they're going to make changes. Hopefully he makes a serious impact on whatever he ends up doing next because this year was nothing short of a disaster that he needs to put behind him.

RATING: 3/10

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