A Season In Review V: Lance Stroll

A tough year for Stroll but better times are on the horizon

2y ago

Lance Stroll's first season in 2017 included a podium. He scored 9 more points in that race than his entire 2018 campaign. If that doesn't tell you what Williams were dealing with in 2018, nothing will. Even with a Mercedes engine at their disposal, the car was so slow through the corners that it rarely mattered.

The poor standard of the FW41 makes it difficult to accurately judge Lance Stroll's season. His weakness remains his qualifying as rookie teammate Sirotkin held a narrow advantage throughout, something he needs to improve on when he joins his father at Force India/Racing Point/Team Name Pending in 2019.

His performance at Monza deserves plaudits, as does his ability to make up places on the opening lap of Grands Prix, but it's almost inevitable that 2019 will be an improvement for the youngster.

RATING: 5.5/10

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Comments (2)

  • He went from 16th to 12th in one race on the opening 2 laps but I can’t remember which race that was

      2 years ago
  • Well from what was said about his performance in comparison to Ocons on the simulators and the making the most overtakes this year, hopefully the pink car on the grid will allow him to show off his driving skills!

      2 years ago