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The iceman had a much better season than 2015, how does ben rate his performance though?

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Points: 186

Position: 6th

Determining whether a driver had a good or poor season is ordinarily straightforward enough, however judging how well 14-year veteran Kimi Räikkönen’s season went is pretty difficult. The consensus within the F1 community points to him having a much-improved season from 2015, however the question lies in whether he improved enough to say he had a good season.

It’s fair to say that the Vettel vs Räikkönen qualifying battle in 2015 was one-sided to say the least with the German securing a 15-4 win, however this year was not only closer, Kimi managed to win the battle 10-9 with Abu Dhabi playing the role of decider. In contrast, the races weren’t as successful, Kimi finished up with three fewer podiums than Vettel with his last one being all the way back in Austria. His final points tally of 186 was higher than 2015 but still 26 off his teammate and 18 off Verstappen who spent the first four races in a much slower car.

Räikkönen has undoubtedly upped his game which is great to see, now it remains to be seen whether his improvement can continue in this ‘new age’ of Formula 1. Will he able adapt to the new conditions as well as his competitors? The natural skill that Kimi obviously possesses tells me that he’ll be just fine and a great season could be in store.

Season rating: BH – 6.5/10

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  • We love Komi here in the USA. We like the on-traditionalists. Besides, he knows what he's doing!

      3 years ago


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