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Best Moments of the Year

That pole position in Monaco was a long time coming and a great moment for Kimi, even if he seemed completely unbothered by it. His performance in Hungary was also very good and if he was given the opportunity to attempt to pass Vettel, he probably would've won the race.

Worst Moments of the Year

The Ferrari was easily quick enough to win races this year, so to win none is very disappointing on Kimi's part. Not converting his pole position in Monaco has to be near the top of the list, although people will continue to question whether Ferrari's plan was to hand Vettel the win. Not starting in Malaysia was also frustrating as there's a good chance he'd have had the pace to win.

Target for Next Year

It's about time Kimi put himself on the top step of the podium. Also, Ferrari won't be able to win the Constructors Championship unless he contributes more points to the cause.


It's sad to say, but Raikkonen stood out like a sore thumb amongst the top 6 drivers this year. He's the only one that didn't take a victory and was constantly off the pace of his teammate. Say what you want about the 1 driver/2 driver dynamic at Ferrari, Raikkonen should've secured plenty more points than what he did. 205 simply wasn't enough and he was fortunate to beat Ricciardo, who was in an inferior car.

There are occasional moments of brilliance from Kimi, the pole position at Monaco a prime example, but emphasis has to be placed on the word 'occasional'. Whilst Vettel is out there performing to his best in almost every race, Kimi is lagging behind. Raikkonen's contract with Ferrari continues with another 1 year deal, no doubt his positive relationship with Vettel helps them to decide to keep him on. Soon enough his weak performances will outweigh that, unless Raikkonen finds some kind of resurgence.

RATING: 6.5/10

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