A Season In Review VII: Marcus Ericsson

An improved year for Ericsson but it just wasn't enough to save his seat

2y ago

Competing with a rookie as highly talented as Charles Leclerc was always going to be a tough challenge for Marcus Ericsson. So that proved to be, but in my opinion his final season in F1 was a considerable improvement on his previous two.

Ericsson's main issue in the year was not necessarily getting into the points, but instead scoring enough of them when he got there. Breaching the top 10 on six occasions, this only yielded nine points for the season. By comparison, Pierre Gasly only scored points five times but accumulated 29 points.

To be brutally honest, the standard of F1 drivers is higher now than at any point in history and Ericsson doesn't quite make the grade. His next venture features driving across the pond, IndyCar might just be the shakeup he requires.

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Comments (2)

  • Ericsson is a brilliant driver. That's about it.

    Not as good as Kimi though 😂

      2 years ago
  • I've thought for a while that Ericsson kind of represents the general improvement across the board of the quality of driver in F1. Years ago there were real no hopers trundling around at the back. But now, every single one of them is quality. Ericsson is a good driver too, but the level is just super high in F1 now, and as you say Ben, he's not quite up to it

      2 years ago