After reviewing Felipe Massa's final season last year, I'm somehow here doing it again.

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Best Moments of the Year

Massa seemed to start the year well before his season petered out pretty quickly. He achieved his best finish of 6th on two occasions and they came in the first and third races of the year. Despite both of those being great drives, his best moment of the year has to be Brazil. The reception for Massa's retirement was somehow even greater than the one last year.

Worst Moments of the Year

There weren't really any disastrous weekends from Massa, just quite a few that left a bit to be desired. You know he would have loved to get one more podium before retirement, in which case watching his teammate secure 3rd in Baku must have hurt. He was in a very good position before retiring too.

Target for Next Year

Stay retired! And perform well in any series he enters.


Was 2017 Felipe Massa's best year? Far from it, but he did manage to beat Lance Stroll which marks the first time he's beaten a teammate in 8 years. In the nicest way possible, Felipe Massa was comfortably past his best in 2016, so a similar 2017 was to be expected. Saying that he was drafted back by Williams, did a job and contributed a certain amount of points to the cause.

Realistically, even a quicker driver in that car wouldn't quite have had enough to get up to Force India in 4th so a 5th place finish was probably the best that could have been achieved, which Massa helped towards. It can't be disputed that Massa's contributions to F1 in Brazil have been significant and questions now arise as to who the next big Brazilian star will be. Whoever it is has big shoes to fill.

RATING: 6.5/10

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Comments (4)

  • That the main competitor to replace you is a cripple should say enough...

      2 years ago
    • Rumours suggesting that it might end up being Sirotkin

        2 years ago
    • I think that says more about the state of Williams currently rather than the quality of Massa as a driver

        2 years ago