A Season In Review X: Esteban Ocon

Close to securing a Renault seat to no seat at all. 2018 has been a rollercoaster ride for Ocon

2y ago

I imagine there are very few that would have predicted Esteban Ocon without a race seat in 2019 but that's where we have ended up. A position as Mercedes test driver beckons, although it's not as good as a race seat, it's far from a bad spot to be in.

Those who believe that Ocon deserved more will point to his stellar qualifying record this year against Sergio Perez, most notably P3 at Belgium. Ocon's one-lap pace clearly demonstrates his ability as a racer but points are awarded on Sundays and he let himself down too often.

Belgium is a perfect example, Ocon received the plaudits for his qualifying lap, Perez received more points after his performance in the race. A 13-point deficit to Perez in the standings two years in a row doesn't make for good viewing and it may have cost him a seat next season. Does he deserve to be in F1? No doubt about it, but could he have done more this year? I believe so.

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