Best Moments of the Year

With no opportunity for engine development, it's unsurprising that Sauber's best performances were at the beginning of the season. For Wehrlein this was the Spanish Grand Prix. An 8th place finish was a fantastic achievement, and it would have been 7th without an unnecessary 5 second time penalty.

Worst Moments of the Year

Tough to say as a Sauber driver not scoring points at a Grand Prix is expected. Therefore, Wehrlein's worst moment of the year is probably an off-circuit one as he has learned he will not be racing for Sauber next year. Any alternative options appear very limited.

Target for Next Year

Goodness knows where he'll be, but it would be nice to see him get a chance to prove himself.


What a weird 2017 for Pascal Wehrlein. Cast your minds back to the beginning of the year and he was in prime position to secure the second Mercedes seat alongside Lewis Hamilton. For whatever reason, it was decided that this wasn't the correct move so instead he's had to deal with an underperforming Sauber all year.

Wehrlein has shown glimpses of talent (Mainly in Spain), but they've been few and far between. Most of the blame is attached to the car, but a significant amount has to be placed on Wehrlein too. Wehrlein didn't really assert any kind of dominance over Marcus Ericsson which was a little disappointing. Saying that, after two years at Manor and Sauber I think he deserves a chance to prove himself in a better car, but it looks unlikely that will happen.

RATING: 6.5/10

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