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Best Moments of the Season

That win in Azerbaijan was as mental as it was brilliant. The double overtake going into turn 1 has won the best overtake of the season and his one against Kimi at Monza can't have been too far behind it. Plenty of impressive podiums to talk about too.

Worst Moments of the Season

It appeared as if Ricciardo's brilliance would see him finish 4th in the Drivers' Championship, however unreliability cost him as he finished the year with three DNFs in the last our races. His record of no podiums at his home Grand Prix continued too when he retired in Australia.

Target For Next Season

It probably depends on how competitive that Red Bull is, but if they continue their good development, Ricciardo could achieve a multi-win season.


Put very simply, Daniel Ricciardo is brilliant for F1. His consistency with podiums and wins in recent years shows his undeniable talent, and his aggressive racing is compelling to watch. It leads many to believe that he is the best overtaker in the game and he proved it on numerous occasions this year. Outside of the car, Ricciardo continues to be a fantastic character which has made him immensely popular amongst fans all over the world.

Whilst achieving more than one win would have been nice, Ricciardo's success in the season came through consistency. A run of 5 podium races in the middle of the season was key in amassing an impressive total and his advantage in podiums was the main reason he was able to beat his teammate. Hopefully next season, the Red Bull guys can fight near the top with fewer engine concerns, if that's the case strap yourselves in, because it could be very fun indeed.

RATING: 9/10

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  • Danny Ric is awesome - but what about his deficit to Max in qualifying? He himself has said he needs to work on it next year. I'd say that was a low for the '17 season.

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