A Season in Review XIV: Valtteri Bottas

"Valtteri, it's James"

3y ago

The season that could have been. Seems like an appropriate title when it comes to Valtteri Bottas. A rapid start to the year unraveled thanks to bad luck and all that remained was the opportunity to support Hamilton in his championship quest. That's not to say there weren't some bad races in there, but they mostly came at a time where little to nothing was on the line.

Perhaps most agonizing for the Finn was the puncture in Azerbaijan. A certain win with three laps to go dissipated into nothing. Unfortunate safety car timings at Silverstone and China also contributed to a tough year and a winless season played out.

The season ended with four consecutive 5th place finishes, not something Mercedes are looking for. The winter break has come at a good time and it's now about refreshing and coming back strong.

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  • Lost all confidence after Baku.

    James is the monster.

      3 years ago