Best Moments of the Season

I think this one's pretty easy - his 8th place finish in Mexico. The Haas was oddly very uncompetitive around the circuit and the two Haas drivers were the slowest in qualifying, but Magnussen turned it around with a fantastic drive to gain some valuable points.

Worst Moments of the Season

It's not one race, but rather a series of races in the middle of the season where he failed to score points. From Austria in July to Malaysia in October, Magnussen scored a grand total of 0 and this poor run of form possibly cost him his fight against teammate Grosjean.

Target for Next Season

With others around Haas set to make progress, Magnussen is going to have to work hard to scrap for points again.


His second place finish in his debut race feels like a long time ago now and glimpses of his talent since then have been few and far between. 2017 represented a serious opportunity for Magnussen to live up to the potential he showed in 2014, but instead he was unable to make much of an impact in a low-key season. Beating his teammate would've sent out a message, but he comfortably trailed him all year.

That's not to say Magnussen's year was awful, it was fine in places, but 'fine' just isn't going to cut it and he's now in danger of becoming known as the next reckless driver on the grid after some questionable moves during the season. Whether he's a dirty/reckless driver is down to interpretation, but what isn't down to interpretation is 19 points to his tally. He might need to produce more next season to keep his seat.

RATING: 6/10

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