- The awesome Toyota at the Classic Le Mans.

A Selection of new edits

Feedback welcome on work this year.

For those that have not seen my articles, I have been lucky enough to go to Classic Le Mans this year as well as local events to me the likes of Castle Combe and Wiscombe Hill Climb. All my photos have been taken from the spectator areas Unfortantley haven't been able to get close to the action in the media areas, but one day hopefully this will change.

I have just started to try and mix up some editing styles of my photos and as always welcome feedback and was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving your view?

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Comments (2)

  • I LIKE black and white but I LOVE the ones in color. Now for the angles of the photos, I do like how they seem to be diving into the corner but I also love the proper horizontal shots more but I do like them all. I feel you're headed in the right direction but there is ALWAYS room for not only improvement but growth. Excellent work.

      2 years ago
  • Nice work!

      2 years ago