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A​ short rant on why estates are better than SUVs

T​his is my opinion so feel free to disagree

5w ago

SUVs are currently and always will be more expensive, less fuel efficient, uglier, slower, worse to drive and only a tiny bit more practical than estates, and don't get me started on the Kardashians style image you present. They are practically fat estates with a high ride height. An SUV is unnecessary, unrationalised and overall stupid unless you fit into one of these three categories:

1. You have high ride height as a NECESSITY. By necessity, I don't mean "it makes me feel safer". Given the general public's scepticism around say, steering sensation or rigidity of the suspension or most enthusiast things that make ME feel safer, that is just plain hypocrisy. By necessity I mean you are old or disabled, so high ride height INVOKES safety.

2. You intend to drive off road in it. Some people in more remote areas need to drive on off road or on unusual surfaces frequently. An SUV works here because as I said before, it is in essence an estate with high ride height.

3: You have a particularly large family. A few people in the world have proportionately large familes and SUVs can house large amounts of people.

However, I can assure you that people who fit into any of these categories are not the majority. Please don't argue with something like: "but people prefer their cars to be like this". I prefer my cars to be a certain enthusiast targeted way but the majority of people will dismiss my preferences in cars and say something along the lines of: "A car just needs to get from A-B, anything else it does is futile. Cars aren't for pleasure" so as I said before, that would be hypocrisy.

In summary: An SUV is for the main part is bought as a triviality, whereas an estate would be a far more straightforward and logical choice. As the general public famously looks down on trivialities in cars, they're being hypocritical twats by buying SUVs.

T​ell me what you think about SUVs in the comments!

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Comments (12)

  • I don’t really agree. I love all the nerdy engineering that goes into an SUV. I enjoy that you sit higher up and sort of look down on the road. An estate to me also doesn’t feel as big on the inside. Finally, you can genuinely use them off road. Sure, you might not use that feature all the time, but it’s nice to know that you can do it. SUV > Estate

      1 month ago
    • They are superior but not dynamically, environmentally or from a price perspective. They are needless for most people which is the point I was trying to get across. People buy them out of preference but dismiss my prefernces in cars.

        1 month ago
    • Well yes, but you rather have the option of a car that can fit all your family or one that does that but can also go off road for some more money? If you have the cash to spare most people go why not? It happens to people to say when they buy laptops....

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        1 month ago
  • I would argue on point 3 that a minivan/MPV is better than an SUV in that regard, with even more space and better gas mileage, so only two valid points. Otherwise anyone who owns this type of vehicle is a hypocrite i they call us irrational.

      1 month ago
  • SUVs can't be sleepers. Estates, however...

      12 days ago
  • But we all know that vans are the best at Gymkhana, especially the GMC Vandura. (Seriously, it's exceptional in FH4)

      1 month ago
  • I agree but have never like the looks of the Mercedes estate- I do like they way the Amg models preform, however.

      1 month ago