- A 1/18 1971 Chevy Camaro Z28 by Maisto.

A small animal that eats big horses - Chevy Camaro Z28

While the Camaro isn't exactly a small car in general, it was smaller than the '71 Mustang and still had what it took to devour the Ford with relish.

Not only has the Z28 275 hp, which is more than the low power versions of the Mustang, it also weighs a lot less than most versions of the Ford.

Opening the hood the engine isn't shy to show its significance, with its orange engine block it isn't exactly unobtrusive. On the Maisto model the engine isn't as detailed as it could be, but it has different colors to make it look more realistic.

Opening the door and climbing into the car you'll find similar seats as in a Chevy Vega, but they fit into the Camaro fine. The rest of the interior screams of muscle car, it's plain, sporty and elegant at the same time.

Unfortunately the trunk doesn't scream of muscle car, it's got the size of a sports car's trunk, which is just enough to carry its own spare wheel. But going to the supermarket you'll have to limit yourself to the bare essentials.

But of course a spacious trunk isn't the reason for buying a muscle car, so lets gloss over that and instead admire the interesting and beautiful styling. On the front the design is very curvy and unusual with the almost square grille.

On the back it's just perfect, the rear lights have exactly the right shape, size and position and the Z28's spoiler makes the looks exactly right.

Even the doors of the Camaro have a beautiful shape, they're going slightly up towards the back, almost like on a Miura!

To top off the looks of this Chevy there are a couple of black stripes on the hood and trunk. Other than one might expect they work in perfect harmony with the rather few chrome accents on the Camaro.

I'd now like to thank you for reading and thank my good friend Zakk Grier for inspiring me to the title of this article.

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