A small tribute to the show we all love and enjoy.

In verse, naturally.

37w ago

It's cold and lonely,

In the bunker with a kitchen.

Until it's disturbed by a gastronomy teacher.

The teacher’s name,

Is none other than James May.

He goes through recipes every day,

To discover new taste from different time,

Or even space.

He may start from basics,

Like a bag of Lay's.

But once he gets going,

You will be amazed.

From Ingredients which you,

Would never consume.

He cooks up something,

That might be perfect for you.

Unlike many others shows about cooking,

James's gig is not about making a perfect pudding.

It's about chatter that we all love,

If only Rachel would love bananas enough.

That another thing we watch this show for,

To see people eat something they wouldn't before.

All my life I've stayed away from spam,

Yet now I chew through sandwich,

Filled with it and ham.

In conclusion I must say,

Thank you James May.

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