A Sneak Peek of Mclaren's New V6 Hybrid

McLaren has teased its new hybrid supercar, and its a V6 Hybrid...

42w ago

Yes, you heard it Mclaren finally came out with something that's not a 3.8 or 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8. I mean its a V6, but its still something different.. right? Today we just got the confirmed news that they are working on a new part-electric supercar. With the times changing and environmental issues becoming more mainstream, supercars and cars have to keep up with the changing times, to keep buyers and people more interested.

Ricardo, Mclarens engine partners have created a new V6 engine for McLaren's next generation of cars. They were built in a specific way, it is a hybrid that can provide its cars with "medium-range EV-only drive capability" which is a pretty smart innovation. Now with Mclaren moving to hybrid, they have to come up with more modern and "up to date" ideas for their new car lineup in the future. Mclaren are taking a new step, that can change their company forever.

Mclaren has been working hard over the years to improve their cars with the times. Since this car will be a replacement for the sports series, they have to improve many things as well. They made a new structure and chassis which is also lighter. Mclaren are big weight reduction activists, and they have been at the top of the game in that aspect. Their drop in cylinder count is lighter, everything is lighter. And it wouldn't be surprising if this was one of the lightest hybrid supercars ever created. And we will be probably expecting a further premier in the beginning of 2021, due to these photos showing that the car is in its final stages of development

As Mclaren are moving towards hybrid and even electric in the future, this could be a big gamechanger for them. As they are looking to only put batteries in their supercars one day.

People have spoken out already giving mixed emotions, it will be interesting to see how it comes with the pricing, and if the V6 hybrid will be a good idea and step for Mclarens Future..

Do you like this new step mclaren or taking? Or will it go the wrong way?

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