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Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) is launching a new ultracompact BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show's special FUTURE EXPO exhibition to announce the planned launch of this vehicle in Japan in 2020. The next generation of mobility solutions is designed to provide short-range movement with limited environmental impact.

"We want to create mobility solutions that can support an aging Japanese society and provide freedom of movement for people of all ages," said Akihiro Yanaka, Director of Development: "Through the ultra-compact BEV we are proud to offer our customers a vehicle that not only allows more autonomy but also takes up less space, creates less noise and limits the negative impact on the environment."

The ultra-compact, two-seat BEV has been specially formulated to meet the daily mobility needs of regular and short-haul customers, especially the elderly, new drivers or business people visiting local parties. It has a range of approximately 100 km with a single charge, can reach a top speed of 60 km / h, and is characterized by an extremely small turning radius.

Toyota is teaming up with the planned launch of the 2020 ultra-compact BEV with a new business model aimed at promoting broader acceptance of battery electric vehicles in general. This includes reviewing every step of the life of the battery, from production, through sales, resale or reuse until recycled for maximum utilization. In the short term, Toyota will focus on an increased rental offer with the aim of collecting used batteries for inspection and eventual re-use in used vehicles, as spare parts or even unbound for cars. Toyota is also developing peripheral services for battery electric vehicles such as charging stations and insurance.

In addition, Toyota is exploring the application of its compact battery electric vehicles for short distances beyond individual mobility. For example, the ultra-compact BEV is particularly suited to meet the mobility needs of urban or mountain areas that want to create a safe and environmentally friendly transportation option without restriction.

To date, Toyota has involved approximately 100 corporate and management partners in exploring new transportation models that would include battery electric vehicles, such as the Ultra-compact BEV, and continues to negotiate with others. Toyota Ultra-compact BEV has been on display at the 2019 special show "FUTURE EXPO" of the Tokyo Motor Show.

October to November 4, along with the "Ultra-compact BEV Concept for Business Customers," which was already unveiled on June 7, 2019. In addition, visitors to the Tokyo Motor Show with tickets will be able to try Toyota's ultra-compact BEV mobility solutions at special event "OPEN ROAD". Toyota i-

The ROAD and three different Walking Area BEVs will be available for test runs on the 1.5 km long trail connecting Aomi and Ariake.


Ultra-compact BEV concept model for business users

• Designed for business use that includes frequent short trips and parking, the Ultra-compact BEV concept model for business users serves as a "mobile office" with three modes to drive, operate and rest in the vehicle.

Walking Area BEV for standing :

• The Walking Area BEV for standing can be used for patrolling, performing security checks or transporting heavy equipment within large facilities, such as airports or factories.

Walking Area BEV for sitting :

• Walking Area BEV seating provides mobility for people who carry a lot of luggage or who have difficulty walking.

Wheelchair Walking Area BEV :

• The Wheelchair BEV Walking Area connects to a manual wheelchair and provides traction for easy movement through large facilities or tourist destinations.

Toyota i-ROAD :

• Toyota i- ROAD is a short-distance mobility solution that combines motorcycle size with improved stability and is intended to support city or tourism travel.

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