A song and a video for after thanksgiving

Feeling full? Sated? Here's 'slo fuzz' by sol seppy with video of the control panel of the cadillac el miraj concept car

4y ago
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"Slo Fuzz" by Sol Seppy

The Cadillac 'El Miraj' concept car was a design study completed in 2013 to examine possible ways forward for the brand. It was revealed to great acclaim, and many - including me - hoped they would build it. Not everyone knew that the instrument design had been well developed and operational (on a loop), and few too the time to see it work.

Song - SLO FUZZ artist - SOL SEPPY year - 2006 genre - CHILL

The song "Slow Fuzz" was a minor hit for singer/songwriter Sophie Michalitsianos in 2006. In addition to singing and playing all the instruments, Michalitsianos also was producer and sound engineer.

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