A​ "Spa" day for Renault

D​onde esta me libro de francés?

I’ve been watching internet videos all week about how boring the Belgian GP was but to be honest, I don’t know where all this disappointment is coming from. I get the whole rain thing was a bust, but like that was gonna make the weekend interesting. Honestly I thought that this was probably the best race we have seen all season. Who were the big winners? Renault... and if my last name was Alonso I would be really happy right now.

The weekend was already looking good for the team with P4 and P6 in qualifying, the highest they have been as a team. Daniel Riccardo missed Max Verstappen by one tenth of a second but still landed himself on the second row of the grid (♭MEEEEEEMMORYYYY ALLLLL ALONE IN THE MOONLIIIIGHT♭). Alex Albon put himself in between Riccardo and his teammate Estaban Ocon for sixth on the grid. Then the red lights went out, and those Renaults came alive.

All the way through Eau Rouge Riccardo was battling Verstappen for third and even greater than that Ocon passed the Redbull of Albon. That's where the grid would stay for the rest of the race. The result ended up being the team's best points finish of the last few seasons and really showed the strengths of their car. The strength of the car is the straight line speed and the speed through high speed corners, and what’s next on the calendar, Monza.

Listen… I am a self admitted Red Bull fan, I am not a fan of Renault. This next paragraph I am going to have a hard time writing.

Renault will get their first podium since 2011 this coming weekend. The speed that the team demonstrated last weekend was remarkable. The gap between Verstappen and Riccardo with 10 laps to go was +15 seconds, Verstappen crossed the finish line just +3 seconds ahead of Riccardo. One more lap and Red Bull would have missed out on their second podium of the year. Next weekend, it will happen. Red Bull clearly do not have enough understanding of their car to catch Mercedes and unless they have a way to get more out of that Honda engine, they will miss out in a straight line.

Tell me what you think about Renaults chances coming up this weekend!

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