- source: Lamborghini pressroom

A special edition EVO Spyder for the Lamborghini Lounge opening in Sardinia

6w ago


Lamborghini has recently opened a new pop-up store in Porto Cervo, Sardinia and to celebrate the opening event for this 6500 sq-ft showroom in one of the most popular holiday destinations in Italy, Lamborghini had LA-based tattoo artist Doctor Woo work his magic on a yellow Huracán EVO Spyder.

Doctor Woo, based in Los Angeles, began his career at the Shamrock Social Club before opening his own tattoo shop in 1995. Over the years, he's created his own unique style and has become some sort of an icon in the tattoo world.

If you happen to travel to Sardinia in the next few weeks, you might wanna pop in the pop-up store (sorry, had to do it) to check out the yellow Lambo in the metal, although both the Urus and the Aventador SVJ are expected to be displayed at the shop.

Most people agree that the concept of pop-up store as we know it originated in 2002, when American retail giant Target rented a 220-foot yacht at at Chelsea Piers in New York for two weeks during Black Friday.

Lamborghini Lounge is located in Via Porto Vecchio in Porto Cervo, near the city of Olbia-Tempio, in Sardinia.

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