A Special evening with a racing legend & his Classic 924 CGTS

I was very fortunate to spend an amazing evening with someone i am privileged to call a dear family friend and one of his special cars. I am referring to the truly legendary Racing Driver Derek Bell MBE .

I still couldn't believe it when dad told me he had received the email the response to a i wonder if it would be possible to question and after a brief exchange of messages. Finding out if it was ok to pop over and what dates would work best for Derek we where on our way to his home near Chichester only a short drive from where i live in Hampshire,Uk . We pulled up onto the gravel drive and followed it around this beautiful house that sits by a river the sun still fairly high in the sky for the autumnal time of year.

The sunset glistening on the back of the 924 GTS

As we pulled round the back of the house there she was the car i had only seen briefly in the past and in many photos over the years the car given by Porsche to Derek the stunning 924 Carrera GTS. Sat there in its glorious original Guards Red paintwork the sun glistening off of it as we pulled up Derek appeared it great friend and dad chatting like they always did with cheeky bits of banter between the two.

What truly amazes you when you see the car is that despite the age of car it is immaculate but this is no garage queen. Derek really does enjoy using this car when ever he is in the uk and for the most part the car is completely original bar a couple of cheeky little USB ports added and the latest retro Porsche navigation stereo.

I took the time to grab a couple of little behind the shots of Derek just giving the car a final pre shoot wipe down

When you are on a shoot and something as particularly special as this encounter its always nice when the weather is on your side and add to that a stunning sunset i knew we would be on for a winner.

No mistaking who's car this is with this simple and smart plaque on the dash.

It was soon that time that magic hour for me where the sun is just about set enough that the colour is still in the sky and i could start light painting this truly special car.

even in this shot i love the little hints of patina on this car wearing its original Carrera graphic proudly.

Below are the rest of the shots :).

I really loved the sky with this shot.

Those iconic Porsche lines

Again a nice moody atmospheric shot don't you just want to hop in and go for a evening drive.

The garage of a champion and race winner with laurels hanging on the garage wall inside.

A pretty car from every angle

Thank you for looking and hope you enjoyed viewing this as much as i did shooting it. please feel free to bump and share :).