A spin in a Porsche with grandma

      Timo wanted to treat his grandma to something special for her birthday. Something involving a Porsche

      4y ago


      Most ladies on reaching the age of 90 might hope for a bottle of their favourite fragrance, a nice scarf or afternoon tea somewhere a bit posh. But Timo Behrendt picked something a little less traditional for his fun-loving grandmother – a day in a Porsche Panamera.

      As a small boy, Timo would go for walks with his grandmother Ruth and knew just about every car that drove past them. “I would name all the cars and when we passed a Porsche, I always used to say: when I’m grown up, I’ll have a white Porsche too, and then we’ll drive through Berlin together,” he explains. When it came to her landmark birthday, he knew instantly what to get her and contacted Porsche Drive to hire a white Panamera for the day.

      “My grandma was flabbergasted when I turned up on her doorstep in the Porsche,” smiles the 30-year-old, whose fears that she might struggle getting in the car were unfounded. In fact, the nonagenarian couldn’t get over how comfortable it was, as they drove to a rather special birthday bash where family and friends were waiting.

      “Grandma was really banging the drum for this fantastic car and urged all the guests to have a seat in the Porsche themselves,” added Timo. “I’m really happy that our wish has become reality.”

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      • Sometimes its the simple thing that mean the most 👍

          3 years ago
      • God bless 👍😊 kind regards, PORSCHEPHILE

          3 years ago
      • Hahaha... that must be an amazing experiance!!

          3 years ago
      • Very sweet

          4 years ago


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