- One for the Tinder profile he shouted!

    A spot unlike any other!

    How a simple act of kindness made my day and probably my week!

    When I'm not on DriveTribe and not studying, I work at a rental car place and no, we don't stock the McLaren 720S!

    It was a normal day of work and I was glancing out towards the road when I saw a familiar figure whiz past, it was the familiar figure of a McLaren 720S. I then ran over to it because I knew it was headed down a dead end and it would have to take a u-turn at some point.

    Hello again!

    Hello again!

    I noticed that it was approaching the carpark so I approached the driver and asked him if he was alright, surely enough he was a bit lost! I then directed him towards where he wanted to go and just as he was leaving I asked "Can I take a picture of your car?" and what he said next, took me completely by surprise! He answered "How about I take a picture of you in the car" , safe to say I almost fell over. While I was in the car having my picture taken, he stopped and said go on then and so I proceeded to rev the car and my word, that exhaust note is mesmerizing!

    Thanks to the kind actions of the owner, this is something I will never forget! It certainly made my day and quite possibly my week. Now that's a good day at the office.

    One for the Tinder profile he yelled out!

    One for the Tinder profile he yelled out!

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    • absolute opposite happened to me yesterday.

      I saw a LaFerrari and went over and tried to take a picture of it. Then some scraggly dude in a stupidly large offwhite coat told me not to because the owner doesn't want people snooping up on his cars. He didn't even let me take a look.

      you're LOOKING for attention with that type of car, dumbass.

        2 years ago
      • not calling you the dumbass btw, it's the LaF's owner.

        If he's got the money to get one, he has the money to get a daily.

          2 years ago
      • Wow really and it was a LaFerrari as well, that is really shocking and I'm sorry to hear that Andy! I also understood that you weren't calling me a dumbass ha ha.

          2 years ago
    • Sweet, the car owner must also be a serious car lover to feel your mind bro

        2 years ago
    • You were just waiting for him to say put it in drive and I'll see you in half an hour, weren't you... Nice Matthew

        2 years ago
    • That's very nice of him. Great spot.

        2 years ago
    • So lucky absolutely jelouse!! Thanks for sharing

        2 years ago


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