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A sticky mystery

46w ago


Our three agents next exciting mystery is about to begin. Who or what will they encounter? Where or when will their next mystery take place? What clues will the find to help solve this mystery? Well it is time to strap in and find out.

The substance

Agent Slow and Agent Orangutan are in the kitchen wondering who has eaten the cheese. "Okay let's think who isn't here? " asked Agent Slow. Suddenly the two agents heard snoring from the lounge. "I think we now know who was the midnight snacker," replied Agent Orangutan.

The two agents crept up to the couch to see Agent Hamster was fast asleep with a half-eaten piece of cheese in his hand. Suddenly Agent Orangutan an idea in his head and quickly went into the kitchen. A few minutes later he came back with a glass full of ice.

"This should wake the little bugger up," whispered Agent Orangutan. Agent Slow took the glass and poured the ice down Agent Hamster's pants. Agent Hamster's eyes shot open and he jumped so high he nearly touched the roof.

The other two agents burst out laughing and before he could say a thing the computer came on. "Agent Orangutan, Agent Slow and Agent Hamster there has been a whole farm gone missing." The three agents looked very confused. "How can a whole farm go missing?" asked Agent Slow.

"That information is still unavailable," replied the computer. "Do you have a location so we can investigate?," asked Agent Orangutan. The computer showed a map with a location.

"Chaps let's go investigate this mystery," said Agent Slow. The three agents went to their garage but Agent Slow got a nasty surprise when he got into his Fiat Panda. "What did you two do to my aircon!" "That is payback for pouring ice down my pants, " replied Agent Hamster.

An argument broke out between the two agents. Agent Orangutan sat in his car listening over the intercom to the agents fighting. "Chaps instead of arguing all day can we get just get going." With that, the trio went on the road.

Once they arrived at the farm there was policeman already on the scene and other detectives as well. "Okay let's split up and look for clues, " ordered Agent Orangutan. The three agents looked around gathering evidence to find out what had happened.

Agent Slow stumbled upon a few drops of a green substance. He put his gloves on and took a slide to take the evidence. After all the evidence was gathered they went back to base.

After the three agents analysed the green substance they found out that it was a rare substance on earth. "I wonder what someone would want to do with it," said Agent Hamster.

"They could possibly want to…," but before Agent Slow could finish his sentence Agent Orangutan interrupted him. "Before you start saying stuff we don't understand I think I know what it is used for," replied Agent Orangutan. "What?" sarcastically asked Agent Slow. Agent Orangutan pointed to the computer screen.

The two agents turned around and saw the green substance was flooding the city and buildings started to disappear. The trio without even thinking quickly got in their cars and drove off at speed to see what was going on.

To Be Continued...

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