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A story of some of my road rage (swear warning)

This happened today, and obviously, I don't condone road rage and always stay calm.

So I was driving home from the bank real quick before work and my phone was acting up so obviously I wasn't in the best mood to begin with. So I take this northbound off ramp to get to what I can only describe as a B road when a lorry driver sees me coming, knowing damn well I'm coming, yet he floors his 16-wheeler (day-cab lorry) and pulls gets right in front of me, not merging but a full on left turn for him. I have to brake somewhat harshly and decide to hold the horn for a few good moments until the bastard brake checks me. He earned himself a middle finger for doing that. Anyway, turns out he takes a couple more turns and rather than follow the f*cker, I speed around him flipping him off once more, and slowing down (not brake checking) and he slams on his brake behind me and jumps out of his lorry cab, giving me this big shrug, looking at me as if I was in the wrong as I speed away. But let me say this now, he was the dumbass driving around with his rear trailer door opened.

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