A stupid post I didn't want to write

Yay it's the totally uninspiring Ford Endeavour

39w ago

Yes it's Amogh's new Ford Endeavour, and I have to write about it because I for someone unholy reason said I would. The idea is that I would criticise it but unfortunately I don't have too much to comment on it for, good or bad......so let me just give the all-important Aaron verdict of genius.

It's honestly really cool. It's a massive SUV thing that has the face of a Ranger and the space of a jumbo jet by the looks of it. I still couldn't care a less about it but hey, somebody somewhere does. Average interior and idk how much it costs but I'll assume it's not an arm and a leg. And yes I have already run out of stuff to say about it. I'm sorry Amogh but I just don't care anymore I'm far too tired okπŸ˜‚? Anyway I will leave you all with a nice pic and news that my Northern Ireland situation updates will be uploaded over the course of the next few days, despite being back home now.

Ford Endeavour, good car. Enjoy Amogh......😁

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  • And the most annoying drivetriber of the year award goes to β€œshut up and let me speak”!

      8 months ago
  • Now all you need to do is write your apology post.

      8 months ago
  • Hmm,this is better.....

      8 months ago