- Credits for all the photos - Valentina Zanola

A sunday afternoon with cars and motorcycles.

43w ago


Life is strange, when you look for events to attend you find nothing, when you get out for no reasons if not have a walk and buy some vinyl, you came across cool stuff...weird.

Long story short, at the location where I expected to find a vintage market, there was instead a custom motorcycle show. Sometimes the goddess of luck remembers I exist.

In the suggestive location of the “Ex-Dogana” a dismissed railway deposit in Rome, a hundred of bikers and custom motorcycles experts gathered for a two days of smoke, country music, and a symphony of loud rumbles from spectacular motorcycles.

Before have access to the mix of wide rooms and tight corridors of the location, and after have paid the small price of 12 € I had the occasion to admire a small selection of hot rods and customized cars.

Useless to say that I immediately regretted to have left my brand new camera at home, and as you may have noticed, been dressed as a shabby soldier in a licence day.

With heart shaped eyes I wandered around, jumping, as usual in these occasion, like a kid the Christmas morning.

Car customized by -Rumblers Roma -

Here a selection of cars, beautifully customized by “Portoricano car club”.

An unusual gear lever

An awesome bodywork and a particular sticker

A Mercury, in a stunning shade of yellow

A Chevrolet, on the other side there was a box of hats on sale, plus in the background is possible see the guys of Portoricano car club work on a car.

The proper motorcycles display was inside the building, I took many photos, I will post them separately, in a full dedicated post, also inside I found this beauty, and I decided to climb aboard.

Thanks for reading!

Soon the post dedicated to the Motorcycles!