A tale of two puppies (one of which actually has a tail)

There is enthusiasm in that little Suzuki and it cannot hide it; just like my puppy

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2w ago


This is not bragging just my own point of view; I think I have the coolest girlfriend possible. She makes me believe that 24/7 but this summer; without her even realizing; she added two things in my life that would change it forever.

In June I would drive her to work and after I am done with my job I’d go home and watch some TV or eat alone in my living room. A month later; she drives herself to work in her Suzuki Swift and I come back home to feed and train our little puppy. This being a car platform and this article most likely being read by car enthusiasts I will go straight to the car aspects of it.

It did not take me long to realise that the Suzuki Swift and the puppy are more similar than expected. The 1.3-litre diesel engine produces just 75bhp which doesn’t read or sound very good. But in combination with the turbo and the weight figure which is just 1065 kg, it makes up for a very enthusiastic car; just like my puppy. Also, to add to its exuberant looks; the little thing seems to be getting excited every time there is another uphill corner to bite. The stiffness in the suspension as well as the responsiveness of the steering wheel and the gearbox makes one aware that the Swift doesn’t like to sit in a single place for long. But what I like the most is that little (borderline futuristic) noise the turbo makes at about 2000 rpm. It is a symphony of diesel being burnt and a fully charged turbo working. I just want to record it and put in on speaker to go to my happy place. Want to make remixes out of it and incorporate it in my favorite songs. I should put it for the puppy to listen to and learn to bark in a similar manner (which is somehow already the case). I could go on about this sound but you probably get it by now.

Moving on and having established that the car looks good; almost everything about it is great. The interior is nice and comfy so that makes it a nice place to be at; it comes with heated mirrors which is very convenient and the consumption is non-existing. This car consumes so little you forget there is a fuel gauge in the dashboard. At this point I should go on and introduce the negative aspects of it though. The boot is implausibly small. The man who designed the Swift clearly forgot the need for it and just added it in the end after some very embarrassing meeting with her/his superiors. Besides that, I find it hard to rest my arm on the door while driving, as it seems to be rather high compared to the seat; but I understand I should not rest my arm there anyway so fair enough.

All in all, the Swift is the puppy of the cars or at least one among them. It is always happy and excited and even though it cannot run as fast as them big older shepherds it is very excited to try and put on a decent even surprising performance. I am very happy both these puppies joined our family and I am fairly convinced they will stay for a long time given the actual puppy is half a Labrador and the car is a Suzuki.

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  • we rented one of these on the Bahamas for a week. With right hand drive at that, and a GPS unit that spoke Japanese and thought we were at sea. Great fun, but I'd have liked a softer suspension.

      12 days ago