Yep, you've read it right, a 7,0 liter engine can do over 100 MPG.

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So, what's this all about? It all started with a man breaking his lawnmower but ended with creating an engineering masterpiece.

The Past

Thomas Ogle was an inventor. He stumbled to this idea completely accidentally, while mowing his lawn. He accidentally created a hole in his lawnmower, so he had to bypass the carburettor. By doing that, he massively improved the fuel consumption, and his lawnmower could run for 96 hours using a very small amount of fuel. As he wanted to save money, he fitted this system to his 1970 Ford Galaxie featuring a V8 engine (427 hp) and a 3-gallon tank. Sadly though, it didn’t go so well. The tank froze and collapsed, top speed was around 30 mph and it only achieved 8 MPG. After he had a bit of a rethink, he fitted the tank with coils, which kept the petrol nice and warm. Finally, he made a 200-mile-long trip on just 2 gallons of fuel and it was proven that this engine produces no carbon emissions. After this, companies offered him huge sums of money and, eventually, he sold his invention. A year later, the project was shut and Ogle was shot. He managed to recover, but in 1981, he died from an “accidental” alcohol overdose.

The Present

So, why am I writing about all this? Well, every single day we listen of companies being “on their way to zero”, “saving the planet” etc. As most of us know, EVs won’t save the planet, but the politicians obviously don’t really care about that. I understand some people like driving around in 200 mph laptops, but since I am a PETROLhead, I prefer the sound of a V8. This system gives maximum efficiency, a huge MPG, it saves the planet and so much more. If you use coolant from the engine to heat the tank, you save even more fuel. Since I am currently designing a fast, 2.0 L, 700 HP, Wankel powered supersaloon, I tried to fit it with this. If you power it with synthetic fuels, you could probably visit the petrol station every 4970 miles. I think this is the future, not a 100 HP ZE Twingo, but a 6.0 V8, because fast and soulful doesn’t mean deadly and polluting. This system would make both us and Greta happy, but governments obviously don’t want to hear another word about it.


What I would like to conclude is that the excuse “ICE is rubbish” is completely false. We had the technology to save the planet in 1978, so why do we behave ourselves like we need EVs to save us? Just think about it for a second. What is simpler? To make 4000 nuclear powerplants, dig till the centre of the Earth, open another 50 000 000 charging points, completely invert the car industry, and ban every single ICE car ever, or to modify the intake manifold on your car? You’ve probably already heard about the “chip-crisis”. Manufacturers are already thinking of removing some electronics. EVs without CPUs? Right… This system would help here as well, because on cheaper cars you can fit a carburettor, which simplifies the electronics. I think the time has finally come to use this technology and save the world, because in the end, that is what matters the most.

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  • It was pretty darn smart. I think it used a black box filter instead if a carburetor and fuel pump and the fuel that was injected directly into the combustion chambers was vaporised. Very smart invention indeed.

      14 days ago
  • I am intrigued how it was shown to produce no carbon emissions (I assume you actually mean Carbon Dioxide).

    I also want to know how they possibly broke the Laws of Motion and Thermodynamics.

    Here is the patent for it:


      14 days ago
    • As much as I know, it applies to both CO2 and CO. And what do you mean by breaking these laws?

        13 days ago
    • If you burn, in oxygen, anything that contains carbon, so timber, cloth, gasoline, or even a diamond, you will create CO and CO2, that is what chemistry is all about.

      The laws of Motion basically tell us how much energy is needed to move...

      Read more
        13 days ago
  • if it sounds to good to be true, it is, the 100 mpg carburetor is an automotive urban legend

      14 days ago
  • I'm not a mechanic by any means, but how exactly is it possible that a system this efficient wasnt picked up by companies decades ago, and how exactly is it possible a system that efficient even exists?

      14 days ago
    • It was and Ogle earned a huge amount of money on it, but his "friends" made him share that money with them. It existed, but someone obviously didn't like it and Ogle was having many problems during the last months of his life.

        14 days ago