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A Third of Drivers are Scared of Driving at Night

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The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents states that 40% of accidents occur during the night, and that 20% of those are caused by people falling asleep at the wheel.

Essilor is an eyewear company that worked on this study, and they found 91% of drivers are dazzled by lights when driving and government data corresponds to that figure, showing 300 collisions are caused by glare every year. RoSPA say that a 15 year old can take just a second to recover from glare, but a 65 year old can take up to 9 seconds to recover from glare.

Also, reduced visibility is the obvious issue as it takes longer for eyes to adjust to the darkness and the distance to which we can see is significantly shortened. We can find it more difficult to judge speed and distance, which is also a major contribution to the number of accidents at night.

"Thirty-one percent of Britain’s 38 million drivers are too scared to drive at night"

Gavin Braithwaite-Smith

With winter around the corner and the dark nights coming up earlier, the wonderful snowy and icy conditions are on their way, and we are still enforced to drive in these conditions whether of we like it or not. This obviously increases the risk even worse at night.

To add even further to the issue, Dr. Andy Hepworth from Essilor says that wearing glasses increases glare and reflections which impacts our vision even more, which gives us glasses wearers even further risk driving in the dark in the winter conditions.

To top it all off, the combined driving at night, in nasty conditions, the glare from other oncoming vehicles, speed is also added to the mix, all of this together and you have one hell of a driving nightmare.

Essilor being the kind fellows they are however, have put together a helpful list of things we can do to help driving at night become a little less stressful and safer.

Dip your damn headlights

Be aware of oncoming traffic continuously if you have your full beams on, and dip those headlights when you see someone coming round the corner, you can significantly reduce accidents on the roads at night if you don't dazzle other drivers. Plus its really freakin' annoying btw.

Keep the windscreen clear

Make sure your washer fluid is topped up before setting off on your journey and carry a spare bottle of washer fluid just in case. Also make sure your windscreen wipers are of good quality and keeps your windscreen streak-free.

Keep your distance

Because of it being more difficult to tell stopping distances in the weather conditions, and if you are on a road where it is prominent for other drivers dazzling you, it is important to leave a good amount of room between you and the car in front of you.

Slow down or stop if needs be

If you are concerned in any way about your vision or fatigue when driving, try to slow down or even pull over in a safe place. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Check mirrors are in anti-glare position

Consider moving the rear-view mirror to anti-glare position when driving at night to reduce the amount of glare.

Give your eyes time to adjust to the dark

Before driving, give your eyes a while to adjust to the darkness before setting off, it can really make the difference.

Have a look at the original article here: www.motoringresearch.com/car-news/drivers-scared-night-driving/

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  • Also you have to be more quiet so you can't have as much fun

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  • At night I can't see anything in my mirrors so parking is very annoying

    5 days ago
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