A thrift shop in Estonia is selling a DeLorean for £50,000

It's safe to say this isn't what you'd normally expect to find at the end of the clothing aisle.

6w ago

It's safe to say that thanks to its starring role in the Back to the Future trilogy, the DMC DeLorean is a car that clearly has global appeal, and while the majority of examples are located in the US, they can, from time to time, crop up in some unexpected locations.

This particular find is about as unusual a place as it gets, however, as the DeLorean you see here is currently for sale in a thrift shop in Estonia, rather hilariously parked at the back of the shop surrounded by racks of clothing and cordoned off with rope like a museum exhibit.

Discovered by Estonian website Auto Geenius, very few details are known about the car such as its mileage and mechanical condition, although the price tag is known thanks to the sticker stuck on its bonnet – €55,000, which is equivalent to around £49,800 and US$66,600, meaning it's only slightly above the average asking price for one these days.

It does look to be in pretty good condition externally, at least, and it's indicated as being an early 1981 model due to the exposed fuel filler flap located at the top of the bonnet in front of the windscreen.

Powered by the 2.85-litre 'PRV' V6, the DeLorean was always known for being on the underpowered side, with just 130bhp on tap from its rear-mounted engine, meaning it took a sluggish 10.5 seconds for it to hit 60mph.

However, this example does, at least, appear to feature the more desirable 5-speed manual gearbox, rather than the 3-speed slushmatic fitted to many examples.

Although the price is higher than it could be – unless, of course, this car has a particularly low odometer reading that simply isn't noted – it's safe to say it might be a tempting buy for some, although without knowing the full condition of the car it would be a riskier purchase.

With the DeLorean being a particularly desirable car in the eyes of many film buffs, though, let us know...

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Comments (8)

  • What if I don’t care about the shortcomings or the movie fame, I simply like the looks 😇

      1 month ago
  • I actually live in Estonia. Looks like i’ve got myself a second car!

      1 month ago
  • I like the concept of it rather than the execution and on that basis I’d rather have a model and a better cult car.

      1 month ago
  • Thats My kind of store, ones with Deloreans 😀

      1 month ago
  • They were badly made, terrible suspension, lousy engines, crap handling. Why waste your money?

    If I was spending £50k on an old motor there’s far better choices.

      1 month ago