A Thunderous Phoenix Rises – Meet The 1968 Pontiac Firebird

We contacted the nice chaps at All American Muscle to see if they would be keen on having a feature done on their Firebird and their answer was nothing shy of "Hell Yeah!". So, off to the drawing board we went, and finding a location had to have been the most tricky part. An incredible drag racing machine like this deserved to have a spot that comes naturally to what it was built for. We managed to organize Tarlton International Raceway in South Africa all to ourselves for the day, so, with a 6am call time, we got the most amazing sunrise! It was the perfect start to an amazing day. Don't YOU be shy now, see all the amazing shots we got on the day here: sxdrv.com/article/exclusive-a-thunderous-phoenix-rises-meet-the-1968-pontiac-firebird #pontiacfirebird #1968pontiac #millenniumseven #allamericanmuscle #hoosier #royalpurple #vintage #modified

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