A tiny Aston Martin

The ultimate Christmas present for any 6 year old

It looks like any other Aston Martin V8 Volante right? Well yes! Only it is 4:7 of the size...

This is a true Aston Martin. It was so much fun having this little mini motor in the studio, we even brought in a mini model to show it off! Here are a few more details about this special car...

​The then Chairman of Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd., Victor Gauntlett, said in 1989 “Our aim has been to produce as near an exact replica of the real thing as possible. Only best quality materials and parts will be used, as befits any car bearing our name.”

​A hand crafted replica of Aston Martin’s flagship V8 Volante – just on a different scale. At 8 feet 6 inches long (2.5098 metres) and 3 feet six inches wide (1.0688 metres), this two-seater sportscar was driven through five forward and one reverse gear via an automatic clutch.

A Briggs Stratton engine gave it a potential top speed of 40mph and road holding assured with shock absorbers and coil springs and steering a reassuring rack and pinion set up.

Creature comforts, being an Aston Martin, came from Connolly hide covered seats and Wilton carpets while the pedals were adjustable to suit children of different sizes. And when we say “children”, rumours persist of after-hours “road tests” at Newport Pagnell when these cars were in production.

​The production values included a body of hand laid glass reinforced plastic, strengthened windscreen pillars and a header rail to act as a roll over bar. The seats may have been hide covered but they have the strength of their steel frames, a 12-volt battery maintenance free battery supports electics that include twin 4 inch head lamps, running lights, fog lights, horn and even a radio!

The final touch were a full set of specially made alloy wheels fitted with tyres to suit any hard surface. A proper Aston Martin !

Acquired from Aston specialists, RS Williams, by the current Belgian owner, as part of a static collection that itself includes a number of full sized Aston Martins – ownership of this V8 Volante Junior served to confirm the car’s position as a true collector’s piece.

Presented today in outstanding condition, it would make a handsome addition to any Aston Martin collection or perhaps is destined for the Christmas stocking of who loves the full sized version in their parents’ garage and would like one of their own!

These Juniors rarely come to market and this is a great opportunity to own a piece of true Aston Martin Heritage. Contact www.allastonmartin.com for more details.

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Comments (3)

  • Happy New Year ....you know that mini-dashboards are very welcome on TBD, right?

      3 years ago
  • What an interesting car.. It’d have been my dream, When I was a kid..

    Years ago I read a book by Dave Worrall called “The most famous car in the world”. It was all about James Bond’s association with Aston Martin, In particular the 1964 DB5. There was a section in there featuring spin-off products and merchandise, One of which was a chapter called “A car fit for a king”.

    It seems the factory had produced one of these bespoke cars for a young Prince Charles, It came supplied with all the extras that you might expect from the factory- Even the official paperwork and log book.

    Some years after that, I found another article (I think it’s available here on DT) about Harrods of London selling scaled down sports cars, One of which was based on the Ferrari Testarossa.

    When I was in LeMans at the museum last month they had a few interesting miniature cars, too. There was a copy of a winning LM Ford GT40 and a Porsche Spyder amongst others. The ultimate toys !!

      3 years ago