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A touch of attention: The 155 mph Tunnel of Elon Musk.

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Elon Musk, Ex-CEO of Tesla is certainly a great person with wonderful ideas, Something I can`t deny since Ideas like the HyperLoop have Potential to change the world of transport and we know, It is obvious he hates things like Climate change and being stuck on a traffic jam as I do, this last one irritates me considerably to the point I need a Snickers to calm down.

The last week in California Elon Musk unveiled his lastest creation, a underground tunel of 1.15 miles long of single lane width for cars, it`s purpose is not only to be an alternative to a freeway, cars should be able to reach 155 Miles per hour in the tunnel allowing them to go past traffic jams and get where they really want to go along relieving some traffic from the freeways making them less congested, it also would be pretty cheap to build knowing that a mile of tunel costs 10 million $ compared to the 900 Million $ per mile of a conventional railway, at this point all of us maybe are eager to see it and say... "Go and get it built!" but let`s not get carried away

According to the first press reports on the 155mph tunel the first ride performed with a Tesla Model X was made at a speed of 50mph maximum and it was driven Manually by a Tesla Employee, one of the reporters that got the luck to ride along on the Test ride compared the 155mph tunel to riding in a bumpy dirt road.

it is obvious that not all ideas are 100% perfect the first try, even when I work it takes me a few attempts to dissasemble a piece the right way but honestly this idea is certainly pointless if we look at the facts, which ones? well let me tell you.

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If you are a genius of mathematics this section will draw your interest, everyone knows the speed formula, speed is space divided by the time, so now take your calculator and check the ciphers.

Elon musk claims the 155mph tunel should have the capacity of moving 4.000 Cars per hour at 155mph, that means a car would enter and leave the elevator of the tunnel every 0,9 seconds, something that would easily bust a car`s suspensions and kill ocupants of the cars if we calculate how long it would take them to accelerate and brake and then get taken up to the surface.

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However there is already a better underground alternative to Freeways and 155mph tunels of single capacity, The subways ("The tube" for the inhabitants of london) is capable of moving more than 30.000 passengers every hour traducted in fully occupied cars the Subway should move more than 6k cars per hour.

Wouldn`t be more logical in any case to take advantage of the current metro tunnel network and design a small underground train to load cars that come from the surface like a freight train and make small unloading stations for cars in open areas? Or would it be better to make individual trolleys for each car? I honestly think this idea could be a better one than a single lone tunel near a highway.

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Putting calculations aside we come to one of my favorite parts, the practical aspect of the 155mph tunnel , would it really be practical?

First of all we have to take one thing in mind, the tunel only runs in one direction (Not the boy band), if we were to build a couple of them in both directions the cost would go up to 10 million along being the double of build time however this could be solved by switching the tunnel`s directions, in the morning it goes into the city and the oposite way in the evening, however we still have the problem of it not being able to remove a lot of traffic of the freeway tho.

However this project has been target of laughs by the relatively rough ride altough Musk states those issues should be solved soon with the current roughness of the Test track at 155mph a small rough angle or the tiniest hump on the tunel surface will surely make the occupants feel like they just have been kicked by a rhino

However there is also another practical problem for the 155mph tunel, the tunel uses a system of very-slightly-suspended guide wheels firmly pressed against the sides of the tunnel using it as a guide for the car. Keep in mind that this system of guide wheels would have to have some kind of automated adjuster along more dampening, since not all cars share the same size of wheels, drivetrain or wheelbase, a Volvo s40 like mine if it was dragged at 155mph through a tunnel I have clear that the steering components and possibly my suspension along with my alloy rims would be terribly damaged, and if an all-wheel drive car was dragged at that speed by the tunnel it could unleash serious damage to the transfer case.

and Pointed out by Matt Kimberley on another car website e this point surely sent me into a thinking slumber, The 155mph tunel would be a pretty obvious target for terrorism attacks, driving random cars full of explosives, go down and set them off underneath a specific place underground would make bomb terrorism extremely easy without mentioning robbing stores, rob a store, go into a entry point to the tunnel before any cops manage to catch up to you, go quickly down and there you go... an easy getaway as soon you reach a parking lot next to the exit point and ditch the car making a discreet getaway, but if we were to put safety checkpoints that inspected the cars before going down... what would be the point of it if we lost 10 minutes for only getting back 5 minutes?

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