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My reflection on growing up with a motorhome

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At the age of 8 my Dad purchased a motorhome for $15,000. It was quite small for my family of 5 but we made it work while having a blast. though we never got anywhere relatively quickly, speed wasn't the point. the motorhome is very much about the journey, and the journey is what I will be focusing on in this article. These views and experiences will be from when I was a child, so the focus will be very much from the passengers point of view rather than the owner/driver.

Normally when getting ready to travel a feeling of dread took hold. I had to think about hotels and places where we were staying and then unpacking and packing again. whether it was by car, bus, train or plane, traveling was going to be a pain. However with the motorhome I remember the excitement for getting ready for the trip, it was almost as if you were packing another room in your house for travel. there was a simplicity to traveling in the motorhome as opposed to other modes. I didn't have to think about the confinement of the space of the car, or what can or cant go on the plane, or how much of a pain it would be to travel with all my video game systems in between places of stay. I would place things in the motorhome weeks in advance knowing in full security it for sure would be there when it came time to leave. there was no mad dash, last minute packing or thinking if I had forgotten anything of monumental importance (like my Buzz Lightyear pillow), no, I knew it would all be right there.

When on the road there was also a certain comfort to the travel. You would think a 14ft motorhome with 5 people in it would be a cram (in reality 3 were children), but it was actually very spacious. Everyone naturally found their place in the motorhome. My sister for example was at the dinning table as she loved to color. my brother was on the couch watching TV or reading a book. I was on the bed above the drivers chairs looking out at all the cars on the road. this distance between one another and agreed upon space allowed peace within the cabin. If we all wanted to play or interact with each other we could, if we wanted to be left to our own devices, we could do that as well.

Inside the RV facing the front

Inside the RV facing the front

Arriving at a destination was another excitement added on top of the journey there. Opening up the door from the comfort of the room you transported from your house to explore a new area. whether you went out to gather fire wood for the camp or just ran around playing tag. Camping is a lot of fun as long as it isn't in a tent. With the motorhome it was all the best parts of camping.

Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground

Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground

When traveling to camp grounds we would look out from the comfort of our warms spacious motorhome and often see rain coming down, however it was to the dismay of others in their poor unprepared tents. The tents shook in fear of the powerful thunderstorms that attacked it. No one talks about the pleasure's of camping in a tent when a monsoon of water challenged their pathetic tent the night prior.

Why you should never go camping with a tent

Why you should never go camping with a tent

I understand that the majority of the negatives of owning, operating and traveling with an motorhome were undertaken by my father. He did indeed drive about 80% of the time, set up camp, set up plumbing and maintain the motorhome when needed. If and or when I have a family I would gladly pay him back by doing the same for his grandchildren/my children as it was such a magical and memorable experience for me. When we grew to our height (me being 5'10 and my brother 6'3) we knew the 14ft motorhome was no longer viable for travel. though selling it was a upsetting, the motorhome did serve us well and with one last service to us, it was sold for the same price he bought it for after all those years.

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  • Nice write up, Aaron. Thanks for sharing! My folks got a travel trailer about the time I got my drivers license. We took a few local excursions as a family but the longer trips were taken by just my parents (By that age it was not cool to vacation with ones parents). I did get to camp with it (sans parents) a couple of times and had a blast with my friends in it. After a few years my folks realized they were not using it enough to justify it so they decided to sell it. Good memories, though. Cheers!

      7 days ago
  • Comment if you have any awesome memories (or horrible ones) about traveling in a RV. I would love to hear them.

      8 days ago


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