A tripod table clock from outer space

It may be heavy and weird, but it is at least expensive

MB&F make watches but they also have an obvious knack for weird and complicated time-telling machines and this is no exception because it is, when all is said and done, a table clock. It's called TriPod and it's made by MB&F in partnership with Epée 1839, a Swiss manufacturer that specializes in high-end clocks, and it consists of three legs, three insect eye-shaped spheres and three movements. So far so weird.

As you'd expect, reading the time is a complicated affair with this one because each of these spheres is used to magnify the clock's numerals. It takes some getting used to but then again that's hardly the point. The way I see it, and perhaps this is just an opinion, this is an art object more than it is a clock.

The clock is powered by a manual-winding Epée 1839 movement with an 8-day power reserve and it is built using plated brass, mineral glass and fluorescent acrylic shields for the spheres. But the best part about it, or worst depending on your point of view, is the weight.

Brass isn't exactly the lightest material in the world and the TriPod is made from a total of 277 individual components (182 for the movement), the result is a clock that weighs more than the desk on which you might place it: 2800 grams. Brilliant.

It's available in three different colours - neon red, neon green and neon blue – each with a limited run of 50 pieces, each with a hefty CHF 22,500 (+VAT) price tag.*

*around £19k / $25k / €21k

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