A true Diesel GTi? Volkswagen Golf GTD Proves its Worth

3y ago


VW arguably started the hot diesel hatch trend back with the first generation Golf GTD back in the early ’80s, in an attempt to blend specification, looks and economy into one package. Back then they certainly didn’t have the performance of the petrol cars, but five generations of Golf later, and things have moved on considerably.

Before we delve into this latest Golf GTD, we need to look at it’s inspiration, the GTi. For many a GTi would mean taking a nice VW Golf and adding tartan clad sports seats, better suspension and brakes while combining it all with a healthy old petrol lump under the bonnet with a higher general spec than most other models.

In the last decade however it has also meant the addition of very potent turbocharged petrol engines and huge amounts of practicality as the VW Golf has grown in size to become a firm family favourite for the school run and weekly shop as well as a spirited toy for hill climbs and track days alike with affordable tuning options.

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