A True Monster - the LoveFab 850Hp"NSX"

And yes, it is indeed a 1st gen 91´ Honda NSX underneath all that Aero...

Among the crazy creations of Cody Loveland and his team at LoveFab, one of the first that were specially developed to tackle Pikes Peak, most specifically the 2012 edition of the legendary event, was this outrageous looking Honda NSX. Still powered by the C30a block, not much else was left other than that from the original car.

And even the engine was modified up to a quite manic state of tune, now in Garrett GTX4294R turbocharged form and producing upwards of 800Hp. Couple that with a quite low weight of 1090Kg and enough aero to render any conventional suspension architecture useless and what is left is one hell of a Pikes Peak Unlimited Class contender.

And despite suffering a big crash during practice and being rebuilt in record time to participate on the race, it would still go on to become the 2nd best placed car in its class. A case of creativity meeting preserverance .

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