A typical day in london

2y ago


We would usually step out at green park, it is conveniently placed next to a Starbucks therefore we do not spend half of the day hungry. After the usual bacon roll we walk towards Berkeley Square, home to the Bugatti showroom. Meanwhile #liveupload would be checked. The #liveupload is what most London spotters use in order to see what cars are out during the day. When you see a car that nobody else has seen you would usually post a photo of it with the hashtag. Our most famous #liveupload was when Gordon Ramsay came up in his Ferrari F12TDF but that's an entirely different story.

a f12TDF on Mount Street

If Berkeley Square had nothing to offer us then we walk down mount street towards park lane. Mount Street is quite successful in the afternoon but its unlikely there will be anything insane in the morning. It once surprised us with an F12TDF and a SLK black series within the same second. Its been known for having the Koenigsegg Agera zijn and a Zonda S parked next to each other but unfortunately I missed that day.

After passing the petrol station on corner of Mount, we're on Park lane. Its a long sweeping road cutting between Mayfair and Hyde Park. It also links Knightsbride Mayfair and Marble Arch together therefore its a highway for Supercars and Hypercars. But in the center of the long road is the Dorchester and that is a hotspot for any Supercar spotter. That's our next point of call.

a collection of cars at the Dorchester last winter

We arrive at the Dorchester. There will always be something there. It usually takes us about 10 seconds to access the parking lot outside the front. There will normally be some kind of Lamborghini or Ferrari out the front, but honestly its not a surprise if there is a next level Hypercar parked there or at 45 park lane (a hotel that you can see from the dorchester). That finishes the sweep of Mayfair!

The next section is Knightsbridge. It tends to be much more busy then Mayfair making it harder to get around, but more people sometimes means more cars. We start the Knightsbridge hunt around Belgrave Square where we normally see the casual 458 or Huracan. This brings us to a hidden car park located behind waitrose. If the guard isn't there we sneak in towards the second floor down where we once struck gold, the Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster.

We next move to possibly the most famous road for supercar spotting in the world... Sloane Street. Although quiet in the morning it does lighten up in the afternoon and at 7 on a Saturday where parking becomes free. Walking down to the Knightsbridge junction we usually encounter a crappy 458 or some kind of 1st gen Lambo.

the MSO HS at the Knightsbride juction

The junction is home to mclaren London but also links all the main knightsbridge roads. Harrods is just round the corner however we tend to not check there anymore as all the other spotters go there and if there is something is there then it will likely be on #liveupload.

It usually livens up after lunch. There tends to be a lot of running between Mayfair and Knightsbridge, but at around 5:00 we stay in the Knightsbridge area as Sloane becomes a little better. However sometimes we will stay in a certain place light painting or waiting for a car to start up.

If the day is successful we will head home happy and pleased with the day. If the day is not successful then we will head home very unhappy. The next stage is downloading photos, editing and then posting on Instagram, Facebook and now DriveTribe!!!

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