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A unique Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio with a widebody kit is for sale

This suits it quite well!

2w ago

When Alfa Romeo presented the Giulia GTA, the excitement of the fans was at its peak. This is understandable as it is becoming increasingly rare to see ultra-radical versions based on traditional sedans. Manufacturers know that they will sell very little and will only serve as an image product.

So, although SUVs are still in vogue, it would be more than incongruous to offer a GTA version of the Stelvio, which is a family-friendly vehicle. However, one Stelvio Quadrifoglio owner seems to have tried the transformation and it is clear that the modifications suit the vehicle rather well!

On eBay, we found a Stelvio Quadrifoglio with a singular style. Obviously jealous of the Giulia GTA, the Italian SUV has been given similar attributes such as a body kit that widens both the side skirts and the wheel arches, giving it a more composed look on the road.

The rear end features an additional spoiler positioned below the rear window. Thus equipped, this Stelvio Quadrifoglio gives off an even more aggressive image than the original model. In fact, from certain angles, it could be mistaken for a hot hatchback as it looks so low!

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