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A very fond legend.
A few years ago I was given a car by my grandad, nothing spectacular at first but I always had fond memories of my grandads like all people I guess. He bought this car from new, nearly new it was a few months old but had never been driven from the showroom.
So near as makes no difference brand new, my grandad always bought fairly new cars the odd one being new out of the showroom.
This little rover 25 showed true British Engineering with a few odd characteristics, for instance the key ( doesn’t sound odd at first but wait ). The key only fitted the ignition and fuel cap so the important ones. But it would not go into the door lock or boot so if the battery ran out in the fob you had no chance getting into the car. This was never a problem for my grandad as he has batteries for everything in abundance. He had this car for 9 years having a few arguments with not so good drivers out on the road ripping off the front bumper at a roundabout and being pushed into the Armco on the A3 by a van. He got these fixed and had the car back fairly quick.
It then came the time he needed to get a new car as my Nan was struggling to get into the car and she needed to have a wheelchair with her just in case she couldn’t walk anymore.
The offer of the car came to me and I snapped up the idea of owning the car as I had a very fond memory of the car. He went out and bought a 64 plate Skoda Roomster 1.2 turbo, a brilliant car, very van like.
Now back to the Rover, it had the 1.4 105ps k series engine which doesn’t sound that exiting but a very revy little engine, yes it had head gasket issues like all k series engine but as most k series enthusiasts know it’s a fantastic engine in all forms.
The car itself was also great with a few sporty tweaks that rover ushered in like the small chunky steering wheel and the short gear lever easy for quick gear changes. It handled fantastically too due to its stiff- ish suspension and big anti-roll bars.

The seat were not great though took a while for them to ware into a comfy posture for me and the back rest was not supportive being flat with very little side support but non of the less after a while they were comfortable enough my legs didn’t hurt after a long drive.

Now this was the L modal not all have seats like this one and some people might be okay with the seats but that was the only thing I thought about changing with a set from the streetwise or ZR but unfortunately after many miles and quite hard abuse the engine gave in and packed up. I had the car for 4 years and covered over 45,000 with the last two years a lot of those miles, well I would say a good 30,000 came from using the car for work as a delivery driver so the car got a lot of abuse, so I’m not surprised it didn’t last.

I hoped it would only be the head gasket which that had gone but it also had cracked the head and cylinder block at the same time so there was no hope for the engine and unfortunately for the car as well.
I need to go back to work and didn’t have the money to get another car and repair the Rover so I took to the scrappy which looking back on that day it still feels like I made a serious mistake, but hay ho these things happen.
I always said to myself I will never scrap a car but you are a busy person always on the move with work this is an unfortunate but necessary task.

I’m babbling now and would love to hear your thoughts

Ohh if anyone is wondering why there is tape on the front bumper, the day before I took that photo some one pulled out in front of me and I had nowhere to go apart from their back bumper

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