- (Not the actual porsche) https://dl4aex02brqj5.cloudfront.net/prod/media/a8d/74b/11e/a8d74b11e5ef853113fee04bf38407dfc8d5f337.1200.png

A​ (very stupid) project

A​ 924 project, what could possebly go wrong?

I​'m not a big porsche fan. I do like some of the older ones, but I prefer other cars. That said, a friend of mine does like porsches more than I do. Last week he showed me some photos of a barn find porsche 924 with the question: "could this be a fun project car?"

T​o start of: it's a black porsche 924 first sold in 1981, driven for 15 years until it didn't pass the Dutch MOT test anymore in 1996. It then sat in a barn for the next 22 years until 2018 when the owner did some engine work and then sold it to the next owner. fast forward one year and the car is for sale again. The add tells me car has driven 88.000 kilometres. It doesn't state if the engine works right now. The asking price: €1600.

Speaking of the engine: it's a 2 liter water-cooled 4 cilinder petrol engine which, when new, produced a whopping 126hp. Porsche borrowed this engine from the Audi 100 so parts shouldn't be too expensive. What could be more expensive it the transmission. The transmission in this car is read mounted, so it would get the perfect 50/50 weight distribution. I have no idea how much parts or a replacement for this thing are gonna cost.

The add claims that the body and chassis are corrosion free, which is a big deal since we don't really fancy repairing a rusty body. The dashboard, despite being a bit dusty, is in relatively good shape too. The seats on the other hand aren't in good condition at all. First: they aren't mounted in the car. But this isn't too bad. The second part is a bigger problem. The seats are brown, altought they used to be black. But hey, we can always buy new seats.

H​e is still not sure if he'll start this project, but I was hoping you lot over here have some great buying advice. Anyways: thanks for reading, here's a poll:

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Comments (6)

  • That’s exactly the project I’m currently finishing and the car is really good.

    Don’t expect a street rocket, but the car has a very good handling. Seating very low it gives a nice feeling and the engine has enough torque and power to be agile in the trafic and have fun on small roads.

    Mine is completely refreshed and renewed. Done by one of the best specialist in Germany. The engine is new, like clutch, brakes and suspensions. I’m always laughing while reading and listening that it’s not a real Porsche and bad in terms of performances, this is coming from guys that doesn’t have a clue about car history, technology and most probably no driving skills. OK, most of the 924 remaining are crap without real maintenance, but once it’s fit again, there’s a lot of fun.

    Still some aesthetical refinement but It’s already a great youngtimer.

      2 years ago
    • Sounds great, you got any tips for him? Things to look at before buying?

        2 years ago
    • No severe rust issue on a 81 but check all area below sealing, there could be small surprises.

      The tank ( rust inside ? ) like all barn find can be a big issue.

      The in-tank pump is rare and really expensive, should be check.

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        2 years ago
  • The paint job apparently, its supposed to be red!

      2 years ago