VibWrite, apparently can protect your car and your belongs through an independent touch based system.

Just like how car security has advanced over the years, even the techniques used by carjackers have also advanced. I was startled by the fact that carjackers can break into your vehicle through minimal resources which include using a "tennis ball" to jam the car lock!!! Anyways, the researchers at Rutgers University- New Brunswick have developed VibWrite, a security system that uses distinctive vibrations of your fingers to unlock your car. The fun part is that this can protect not only your car, but also your home and can also be used in a safe to protect your belongings.

“Everyone’s finger bone structure is unique, and their fingers apply different pressures on surfaces, so sensors that detect subtle physiological and behavioral differences can identify and authenticate a person,” said Yingying (Jennifer) Chen, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers University–New Brunswick.

One of the key advantages of this system is that it is extremely inexpensive to make and can replace all the fingerprint and password like system just with one touch. In fact, it takes only one-tenth of the money required to build a iris scanner. Not only that, it also has a three step authentication system that helps it being more fail-proof. VibWrite verified legitimate users with more than 95 percent accuracy and the false positive rate was less than 3 percent.

How VibWrite would work. In a nutshell.

How VibWrite would work. In a nutshell.

To improve performance, the Rutgers-led team will deploy multiple sensor pairs, refine the hardware and upgrade authentication algorithms. They also need to further test the system outdoors to account for varying temperatures, humidity, winds, wetness, dust, dirt and other conditions.

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