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4y ago
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- Clip courtesy of Jesse Cox

As most photographers will tell you, we hate being on *that* side of the lens, especially on video.

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  • Appreciate the feedback Trui :o)

      4 years ago
  • Dishan, thank you for the link. [can't be convinced for the girl stuff at all, though]. But here 2 are my personal favourites: www.gallery.dmarikar.com/portfolio/cars/?pid=632414581&id=90&h=MzAzNzE0MzE1NQ // www.gallery.dmarikar.com/portfolio/p/NjMyNDAyODI5-OTIyOTAwNjQ1/

    Keep going !

      4 years ago
  • Thank you Trui! I do look at the world in a very different way to most. That half yellow one you mentioned was one particular opportunity that most people would never have seen. The yellow car was parked next to the blue one (identical cars, owned by friends) but what you are seeing is its reflection on the side of a petrol bowser.

    If you would like to see more you can view my portfolio here:


    Apologies for the "girlie" shots - I feel the same, and it's not something I generally do unless specifically requested (I can count all those times on one hand). Having said that however, I am particularly proud of the white Lamborghini one you will see in the link. It's a re-creation of a poster done about 30 years ago, but the original put more emphasis on the model than it did on the car. Reassuringly, I have had many positive comments from women about this one as it is truly an art piece.

      4 years ago
  • Dishan, like this really much. About gear and stuff. And quite a few of the photographs in the video. Especially the grainy one in the end, or the one with the light stripes in the beginning, or the one with half a yellow blur, etc. Original, creative, and well done. Congrats!


    [ no fan of the women+cars; that's leading to a whole other issue.]

      4 years ago