A vision from God

Last night, when I was up pondering why I couldn't breathe, a had a vision from the lord and saviour. And he told me, to defend the rlly ugly i3......

Not even joking I did wake up in the middle of the night thinking rather strangely of the i3. I know people love to blab on about how they 'live and breathe cars' and how cars are 'always on their mind' because they're the real petrolheads and everyone else is just a phoney. But I think that's the biggest load of crap, and they need to find a hobby. Imagine trying to prove that you are the only real petrolhead, like jesus shut up no one asked.

I've just realised that has nothing to do with this whatsoever.


Yeah anyway, I think the idea there was that I am not doing that, it's just that the i3 had been unexplainably present in my head. It has nothing to do with a vision from God that's just me manipulating you all into reading this. And when I say 'all' I mean the 8 or 9 of you who don't just skip to the comments to talk your normal bs.

I don't know why I'm being so rude I'm sorry. I'm actually in a good mood too so that makes no sense. Please still like and comment, I love you all still. Well, most of you.

Ok I finally start talking about the car. Like I said I just want to talk about it because I have been seeing so much hate on it. Mostly because it very closely resembles this:

But as weird as it may sound, that is exactly what brought me here right now to plea my case for it. Because I am confident that it is one of my favourite modern small cars in the world. No exaggeration either I mean that. It is seriously one of a kind. Testimony to that previous statement is a little gallery of modern hatchbacks. Just take a look and spot the odd i3 out.

And of course maybe some of you don't see it. But I do and it's my article so why don't you go write your own article and then I will say 'no' and you will say 'yes' and that'll be the end of it. I just think that the i3 is unbelievably good for the character and design front. It's electric, so it's very eco-friendly. Did I mention it's awesome? Cuz that's another key point. And other than that it's REALLY cool! And I like it, so as you can see these are all very professional points of view.

Seriously though, it sounds like a fun little car. The i3S (sportier model) will hit 60 in as short a time as just over 4 seconds or so. It can have anything up to 180hp which is good a lot for someone like me. And then there's some other numbers which no one cares about.

I'm not saying buy it, because I'm pretty sure it's already been discontinued (shame really, I love it). I'm here solely because I was told to burn for liking it, and so I'm getting out of the frying pan and into the fire, by igniting the whole angry DT public..........it doesn't seem such a good idea anymore......

ANYWAY. I'm just showing some support for it. Cuz I think it's a little gem of a thing. Anyone with me? Anyone? Anyone at all? Take your side and let me know in the comments.

Thanks again for 20k, and for reading this. And for reading all the other pointless things. You are appreciated. Let's end it with a poll.

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