A warm welcome

Welcome to the Official Aston Martin DRIVETRIBE_. You join at what is arguably the most exciting time in the history of this iconic company.

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A warm welcome to the Aston Martin DRIVETRIBE_. You join at what is arguably the most exciting time in the history of this iconic company.

Today, I am at the Geneva Motor Show where we have just announced the launch of a new brand for Aston Martin: AMR.

AMR takes everything we’ve learned in racing and brings that across to our production cars. To launch AMR, we’ve revealed two models: a track-only Vantage AMR Pro and the Rapide AMR, the fastest four-seat and four-door car on the road. You’ll see AMR developed versions of all our core production cars in the future.

Our Tribe

In creating the Aston Martin Tribe, we wanted to make this a forum to share more of the stories about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of Aston Martin. There is no shortage of information on our cars and the company, but not enough on what makes this company tick. Through the eyes and ears of our employees we want to share more of the back-story about our transition.

Like many (but probably not enough) in the car business, I’ve always been into anything mechanical. As a teenager my Dad gave me an old A Series engine to strip down and rebuild so I understood the basics of automotive engineering.

My actual career actually started as an apprentice with AP Leamington only a few miles from Aston Martin’s Gaydon headquarters of today.

I served a long apprenticeship in the car industry, working first at Rover and for many years at Nissan, where I rose through the ranks before I made the move to Aston Martin. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work on some really iconic products. At Rover, I was part of the team that worked to keep the Mini in production far longer than even Sir Alec Issigonis could have imagined. At Nissan, probably the standout product was the company’s first mass production EV, the Leaf, which was not only a feat of engineering but also a highly complex launch.

Back to Aston Martin.

Between now and 2021 we aim to launch a new car, on average, every nine months. We started late last year with the DB11 and over the next five years we will replace every car in our range in addition to expansion into new segments such as our SUV.

Our current HQ and factory in Gaydon will become the home of our sports cars and from 2019, we will start production at our new factory in South Wales. Between now and 2020 Aston Martin will grow its UK-based workforce by 50% to around 3,000 people.

Although you’ll hear from me from time to time, I wanted the focus of the Aston Martin Tribe to be around sharing stories, ideas and observations from inside and outside the company. I look forward to reading and seeing your contributions.



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  • A fantastic future ahead for a fantastic Marque. Depth in Range and models. Drive and Ride. Jeremy Webb. @jemweb.

      4 years ago
  • Awesome idea Andy! Having the CEO of the best car manufacturer speaking about its own cars is just great!

      3 years ago
  • Bought my first Aston last year after saving up for twenty five years. Haven't regretted it!

      3 years ago
  • Welcome to the party!

      4 years ago
  • Dr. Palmer has really made waves at Aston. And for his forward thinking, turning the brand around, he should be congratulated.

      4 years ago