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A​ week with a Chevrolet Siverado Pick up truck.

A​n old fashion giant

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I​ am not a truck person. No matter how hard I try. There is zero need in my life for a 12MPG giant vehicle with a huge open cargo area in the back...

A​nd yet, I did have fun driving this expensive ($58 000) version of the new Silverado for a week.

C​hevrolet Silverado

C​hevrolet Silverado

C​Chevrolet Silverado

C​Chevrolet Silverado

Although it is hard to tell, the interior (just like the exterior) is actually "all new". I say "hard to tell" because the 1950's looking column shifter from previous generations is still there.The center console looks the same as before. And these cheap looking chrome dials feels like the 1990's. Basically, an old fashion feel in a new truck. For those who like that...

T​he drive is also old fashion. No matter how smooth road is, you still move around a lot. Just like you did in trucks from the 2000's. 1990's or 1980's.

A​nd it is pretty much impossible to achieve the promised 15MPG around town. What you will be getting is around 11. 12 at best.

​Chevrolet Silverado

​Chevrolet Silverado

T​o carry stuff inside, you'll have to lift the back seat. So basically, no matter how huge it is, it's either people or stuff. Not both... Unless you don't mind carrying the stuff outside in the open bed.

F​or most people, driving the Silverado around is fun. For a week.

I​t quickly become quite a pain around town. Most parking spaces are just too small for it. Driving down small streets is a chore. And, 12MPG...

​Chevrolet Silverado at WB studios

​Chevrolet Silverado at WB studios

​Chevrolet Silverado "too tall" fixed antenna

​Chevrolet Silverado "too tall" fixed antenna

I​ also noticed the stupidest design flaw I have seen in many years: the antenna is actually too tall to fit in most modern parking structures. It hits every concrete posts while you are driving around trying to find a spot large enough to park the beast.

I​ mean really. A super cheap (and too tall) non-retractable antenna on a $58 000 truck. In 2019...

i​f you really "need" a big truck, the new Silverado is fine. In a very old fashion way. if you don't, get a car. For close to $60 000, you can get something quite amazing these days.

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  • It's a sad state in America right now. Quality is stagnant while prices skyrocket but enough about healthcare......

      9 months ago
    • Yes... I am driving the GMC version of this truck (The Sierra) this week. Basically the same thing. huge and 100% impractical around town. But somehow, they sell more than any car model out there (??)

        9 months ago


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