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    Fair Warning I am Not A Master Of Writing Articles(:

    4w ago


    So basically this is a poll but I have a little explaining to do first.

    Today me and my Dad were running some errands and I was bored so I decided to bring up a debate about cars. The debate was which car would be more fun to drive on public roads a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster or a Mazda Miata. My Dad being an avid supporter of the Miata naturally was arguing for the Miata, his points were based around the fact that the Miata is a true drivers car and the Aventador is just a car for posers. He also claimed that because the Miata is significantly lighter than the Aventador and has a manual it will handle better and be more fun to drive. He also said that because it was much slower than the Aventador Roadster you could floor it on public roads and not worry about crashing at 180mph.

    Anyways though I said that the Aventador Roadster would be more fun to drive because it has a V12. I also stated that because of the styling and sound of the V12 you will feel ALOT cooler driving around town. Believe me my neighbor down the street owns an Aventador and when he drives past my house the sheer sound it makes is literally the coolest thing I have ever heard. The last thing I have to say for the Lambo's case is that in the Lambo when you put your foot down you will actually notice and be rocketed forward!

    Anyways though that was my mini rant, now comment below and take the poll so that we can figure out who won(:

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    • The true fun is driving a slow car fast.

        29 days ago
    • Miata. It’s been proven that when driving a slow car fast, like a Miata, you feel the acceleration more. Plus imagine having to worry about maintenance costs when driving where I live. People don’t know how to drive and the roads aren’t great.

        29 days ago
      • I certainly do respect these opinions and maybe my judgement is clouded because I am a lambo fanboy 🤷‍♂️

          29 days ago
      • I get where your coming from - for me, Porsche is always the answer 🤣

          29 days ago
    • How much time have you in real world driving experience? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        29 days ago
    • I own an MX5, it’s the greatest everyday public roads fun car ever. That said if I had a closed track, I’d love to give the Lamborghini a go.

        29 days ago
    • The Aventador. Miata hasn't got a chance in my opinion

        14 days ago


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