A Wild Wanderlust

The Spirit of Adventure ALWAYS calls.

There is nothing quite like standing right on the edge of something so vast as something like the ocean, or the Grand Canyon, and realizing how small one really is; how everything that everybody does suddenly seems so utterly insignificant compared to something so massive, complex, and ancient. And yet we are all a part of it. No matter how ridiculous things may seem to be, we will all always be a part of this beautiful, incredible place.
For five years, I have worked seasonally as a forest ranger for the United States Forest Service. This has been a very interesting lifestyle, to say the least. From getting paid to go hiking around the stunningly rugged Cascades Mountains just east of Seattle, WA in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, to driving around the forests of Michigan on the shores of Lake Huron, to off-roading adventures in the mountains of Wyoming just south of Jackson Hole, to getting dropped off by a plane in the extremely remote wilderness of central Idaho to spend several months away from the rest of civilization.
I really loved this life working for the Forest Service and all the adventures involved, plus getting to see so many truly incredible places. But as I moved from one place to another across the US, I felt that something about it just wasn’t right for me and that I was actually searching for something bigger to challenge me. It took me a long while to figure it out. But one thing after another led me to where I currently am.

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